Tuesday, January 25, 2011

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Finally, mobility came to the company. According to IDC, in 2013, more than 1,190 million employees worldwide will use mobile technology, 34.9% of the population. The impact of business mobility is clear. It is expected, with increasing frequency, workers of a company to manage critical tasks and make decisions in real time, regardless of location.

In that sense, this year the tablets have an important role in the corporate world. In fact, they are launching many new devices. During the last half of 2010, Samsung showed the Galaxy, HP its SLATE and its proposal for Blackberry RIM Playbook. Rumor on improvements to Apple's iPad and, of course, no one expects Microsoft to remain with folded arms.

For all this, it is expected that 2011 be a year dominated by the tablets. And, indeed, the first advances were seen in the new edition of CES. Going a little further in time. Forrester predicts that for his part in May 2015, one in five PCs sold will be a tablet.

However, in this revolution, perhaps the greatest impact on society is in the mobile sales force from corporations. The consumer world left the company and converge in many ways. Now, consumer technology appears in the workplace and the line between personal and gadgets the company is rapidly disappearing. All are part of one connected mobile world.

In the near future, employees will perform their expense reports on their way home from smart phones, while the chief executive officers (CEOs) will be capable of leading multinational companies from a virtual room designed in tablet, regardless of whether they are in a café or a business trip or leisure.

Oliver Bussmann, CIO of SAP (@ sapcio) is optimistic about the benefits of a mobile workforce. Following the acquisition of Sybase, last May, SAP has established itself as a leader in the transformation of critical business processes for mobile applications. Bussmann oversees the IT infrastructure of a company of U.S. $ s 15,000 and more than 47,000 employees, of which a lot test their favorite gadgets in the workplace.

With the acquisition of Sybase, a former partner of innovation with SAP had worked previously, now the company offers, along with its active business ecosystem, a range of mobile applications and the underlying infrastructure that provides integration with SAP systems and secure access to business processes at any time from any location and through any device.

We are immersed in a digital age that also requires mobility in all areas of life. Have basic technology consists of a physical laptop or working in a geographically established is no longer sufficient. The companies note the importance of investing in technology, to take decisions anywhere based on information in real time. It is not just ROI, but a necessity.

So in these times is imprecindible for companies to have these devices and be able to help them at any moment in time accelerating our work, and you can visit web pages from them, wherever you are. ;

Those organizations that are not along the path of mobility, most likely not be kept in a market as competitive as we face, not only in the IT industry, but in the corporate world in general.

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